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  • We’re All Equal:
    Ending Homophobia
  • Digestive Intelligence
  • Be Your True Selfie
  • Tapping and Weight Loss

We're All Equal: Ending Homophobia
By Bishop John Shelby Spong

Discrimination against the lesbian and gay community by mainline churches must end. There is no compromise possible on this issue, just as slavery had to end without compromise.

Do we imagine that Jesus’ invitation was, “Come unto me, some of ye?”

Digestive Intelligence
By Dr. Irina Matveikova

Constipation can make you feel like life is “weighing you down” with its problems (and your stomach feels the same). You have a second brain in your gut and its neuronal function is similar to the brain in your head.

Your two brains interact and sabotage each other every day.

Be Your True Selfie
By Lama Marut

We’re all desperately trying to be somebody, to be “liked” on Facebook. But there’s not a single authentic spiritual tradition that encourages you to be more self-preoccupied.

Can you be your true selfie on Facebook?

Tapping and Weight Loss
By Jessica Ortner

Tapping on critical pressure points with your fingertips can help you to eliminate the anxiety about weight loss and body image. It’s that simple — you can do it yourself — anywhere, anytime.

Why is tapping so effective?

Astrology Forecast July/August

The disruptive and constantly shifting planetary energy of the past six months is giving way to positive and enthusiastic expansion. Gone are unhappiness and boredom. Change is here.

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Devine Palmistry
Discover Yourself Through Hand Analysis!

Have you ever wondered what your hands say about you? Through the careful study

Crystal Wizard Gallery
Crystals, Books & Gifts

Enter this magical place by the sea …Browse its chambers, finding treasures at every turn …Go on, spoil yourself or ...

Heal Your LifeŽ Workshop Leader Training
Licensed by Hay House, Inc. and approved by Louise Hay

Are you ready to add skills to your existing career or create a new one? Become a licensed workshop leader in the philosophy of Louise ...

Create the Life You Want
What Works, What Doesn't, and How to Get Results

Shift beyond confusion, overwhelm and stuckness to have the relationships you desire, the prosperity that eludes you, the well-being you ...

The Oregon Astrological Association
Fostering a Community of Engagement in the Astrological Arts Since 1983

The OAA is a regional association of professional, non-professional and student astrologers serving the astrological community in the ...

Falcon Pages
Western Sidereal Astrological Interpretations

We are so much more than what our sun signs tell us about ourselves. For each of us, our signs contain ...

Awaken Your Inner Gifts
Gain Clarity and Understanding through Your Spirit Guides

A natural medium, intuitive and spiritual counselor, Reverend Shelley Dana can help guide you in developing your gifts to communicate with ...

We Are Not Broken ...
We actually do things very well.

We create our model of the world based on our ...

Astrology & Tarot by Mark Dodich - Since 1980

An astrology chart is one of the most important tools for personal growth. Periodic updates help you take maximum advantage of ...

Arise School of Healing Arts
Are You Interested in Becoming a Healer, Energy Worker or Lightworker?

We are offering a series of Apprenticeships to guide you to new levels in your work. Level 1: Harmonics of Healing — ...

Gurdjieff Foundation of Oregon

“Gurdjieff’s fundamental aim was to help human beings awaken to the meaning of our existence and to the efforts ...

Change Your Life!
The Art and Science of Transformation

Despite the popularity of goal setting, there is compelling evidence that, regardless of good intentions and effort, people and ...

As Seen on TV
Kathleen Bridget

Kathleen Bridget is a naturally born gifted psychic, tested and trained at California’s UCLA in a pilot program as a child. She ...

Struggling with Health Challenges?
Explore Deeper Levels of Healing

Amy Kay is a holistic occupational therapist with thirteen years of experience facilitating deep physical, emotional and spiritual work in ...

Linda Stirling
Spiritual Healer and Guide, Psychic, Bestselling Author

Making sense of life as well as understanding paths yet to unfold can be confusing, sometimes challenging. That’s where having a ...

Julia Ingram, MA, Master Hypnotherapist
Trauma Resolution, Past-Life Regression, Personal and Spiritual Growth

Hypnotherapy is as much about going within as going back — going to the source of an issue where deep and lasting change is ...

Cedar Mountain Drums

Indigenous drums, drum making kits & raw materials, beaters, rattles, drum bags, custom painted and ceremonial drums, leather pouches, ...

Organized Space Solutions
Return a Sense of Flow to Your Life

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by your stuff, and not sure where to start? Sharon Swezey’s thoughtful, systematic and skilled ...

Laura Richard, Ph.D., Psychic Medium and Spiritual Counselor
Clairvoyant, Clairsentient and Clairaudient

Are you struggling with relationships, your career, or other life-related issues?
Are you grieving the loss of a loved ...

Enlightening Events of the Week

  • August 23 - 24, 10am-5pm, Direct Soul and Direct Knowing Channel

  • August 26, 7-8:30pm, NCX Wellness Night

  • August 28 - September 1, Labor Day Celebration: The Art of Building Community

  • August 29, Sound Circle

  • August 29 - December 16, Shamanic Sound Healing with Lauri Shainsky

  • July 2 - August 28, Ananda Portland 3- or 4-Class Series

  • July 12 - August 24, Hidden and Forbidden: Women's Dark Moon Wisdom

  • July 25 - August 31, Yoga for Peace of Mind

  • July 30 - August 27, ReikiChat with Colleen Benelli

  • Wednesdays, 10am-12pm, Pranic Healing Clinic

  • Sundays, 11am, Celebration at Open Spirit Center for Spiritual Living,



Web exclusives: Fresh insights and ideas


For Ultimate Health and Healing: Journal Consistently, Not Just During Emotional Events
By Melissa Grace Hoon, M.A.

Introspection is critical for our health and well-being and our spiritual growth. In the form of expressive writing or journaling, ...

What Animals Teach Us
By Nate Loomis

Hello, I’m Nate Loomis, this week’s “eyes and ears” at New Renaissance and your resource for all things ...

Discover the 2014 Body Mind Spirit Expo

Body Mind Spirit Expos are dedicated to helping you discover the radiant life that surrounds you every moment. The Expo returns to ...

Your Soul's Journey with Tarot
By Patricia Koch

Hello, I’m Patricia Koch, this week’s “eyes and ears” at New Renaissance and your resource for all things ...

How to Perform a Reiki Ceremony
By Colleen Benelli

Reiki ceremonies are about spirit, the participants and you. You create the conduit for the prayers and intentions of the people to ...

Does Bigfoot Exist?
By Vicky Thompson

Have you ever used an Ouija board at a party for fun? But unexpectedly, you found that strange messages came through the board, making guests ...

Natural Building: Simple Living in Balance with Nature and Spirit
By Pablo Loayza

Natural building is easy in ...

By Doll Williamson

One of the most beautiful creatures I have ever known allowed me to love him and give him a warm and safe home for the last two years of his life. ...

Breaking the Spell of Unworthiness
By Nate Loomis

Hello, I’m Nate Loomis, this week’s “eyes and ears” at New Renaissance and your resource for all things ...

My Spiritual Experience
By Bobbi Eckler

Don’t you think spirit calls to us in a multitude of ways — that it speaks to us on our own individual levels? Spirit ...

Dream a New Dream for Yourself
By Jan Engels-Smith

In the current state of our economy—lost jobs, stressed budgets, and escalating prices—the stress levels for many are ...

Mayan Elder Speaks Post-2012
By Nate Loomis

Hello, I’m Nate Loomis, this week’s “eyes and ears” at New Renaissance and your resource for all things ...

Turning Grit into Pearls
By Patricia J. Crane

When a bit of sand gets into an oyster, the oyster doesn’t cry and complain about how unfair it is, or tell the sand to get ...

Defining Healthy Boundaries with Difficult People
By Patricia Koch

Hello, I’m Patricia Koch, this week’s “eyes and ears” at New Renaissance and your resource for all things ...

How to Develop a Reiki Ceremony
By Colleen Benelli

Reiki and ceremony make a powerful combination. Ceremony gives people an opportunity to gather and pray to declare their intentions ...

By Devrah Laval

I guess it was my time or, rather, God’s time. I was 29 years old. I had a good husband and I was a successful model and dancer. By ...

Digestive Intelligence
By Vicky Thompson

It’s fair to say that the intestine, which is divided into the large intestine and small intestine, is not the part of our anatomy we are ...

Writer's Block No More!
By Sarah O'Leary

Hello, I’m Sarah O’Leary, this week’s “eyes and ears” at New Renaissance and your resource for all ...

Full Moon Ceremonies
By Katherine Boyer

Our fascination with the changing orb in the sky causes us to stand in wonder of how to pay homage to our nighttime partner. Full moon ceremonies ...

Salutations to Music with Ezra and Friends
By Nate Loomis

Hello, I’m Nate Loomis, this week’s “eyes and ears” at New Renaissance and your resource for all things ...

Participate in the Emerging Energies
By Jan Engels-Smith

Participate in the Emerging Energies I have dedicated this year and the next to the cultivation of living ...

Activating Reiki
By Colleen Benelli

 “Do I have to draw all the Reiki symbols before I start giving Reiki?” is a common question my Reiki II students ...


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