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New Connexion, a trusted publication in the Pacific Northwest for 24 years, is now an online resource. The January/February 2015 edition was our last print issue.

You can still find ideas for healthy living, spiritual practices and discovering your true self — all in our online community. Check in daily for new blogs or search through 14 years of back issues.

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Be Love Now
By Ram Dass

The ego is based on fear, the soul is based on love, says author Ram Dass. Release the ego by offering it to your heart’s fire of love.

Mantra: I am a point of sacrificial fire held within the fiery will of God.

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Herbal Antibiotics
By Stephen Harrod Buhner

The overuse of antibiotics has led to the rise of drug-resistant bacteria. The pharmaceuticals that once seemed our saviors are now our bane.

The alternative? Plant medicines.

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Affirmations for Job Seekers
By Paul and Tracey McManus

When you’re out of work, where do you turn when it seems nobody can help you or those you love? Try these seven affirmations to overcome unemployment and the painful emotions surrounding it.

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Dirty Art
By Leah Fanning Mebane

My medium of choice was traditional oil painting, which uses turpentine and toxic metal-laden paints. Then I learned to make my own oil paints from earthen clay and oil.

My passion for dirty art was ignited.

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Emotional Vampires
By Judith Orloff

Some relationships are positive and mood elevating. Others can suck the optimism right out of you. These emotional vampires do more than drain your physical energy.

They can make you believe you're unlovable.

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Power Animals
and Reiki
By Colleen Benelli

Eagle offers us a view from high above our path. Horse offers freedom with stability. Cougar is powerful and gentle. Fly asks the question: What have you missed?

Power animals are great spiritual companions, and they work well with Reiki.

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Magic Pill?
By Julia Schopick

Is there a “magic pill” that can stop the progression of diseases by increasing endorphins — the body’s natural pain killer — making you not only feel good, but get well?

Low dose naltrexone may be one of the most important medical discoveries of the 20th century.

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Astrology Forecast

AstroMark: March 22-28, 2015

The next two weeks are the weeks between eclipses, and that means emotional ups and downs while the depths of your being come up for air.

Mark Dodich
Mark Dodich

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Everyday Intention

Healing Back Twinges

My body helps me recognize my emotional choices. Years ago, I had twinges in my back. If my back was not supporting me, maybe I wasn’t supporting others in the way they needed support.

Betsy Otter Thompson
Betsy Otter Thompson

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Web exclusives: Fresh insights and ideas


Chakra Bites: Eating for Energetic Health
By David Wood

On the path to health and healing, an incredibly empowering experience one can have is the awareness that we ...

Caveman Diet
By Alisa Singer

If you pride yourself on your latest model car or your trendy clothes, you’ll be surprised to learn that you’re walking around in a ...

AstroMark: March 22-28, 2015
By Mark Dodich

March 22-28: The next two weeks are the weeks between eclipses, and that means emotional ups and downs while the depths of your ...

Healing Back Twinges
By Betsy Otter Thompson

I believe in the power of action-reaction physics or what I call the mirror theory. The mirror theory helps me to understand the emotional ...

Beyond Activism: Transform the World
By Shariff Abdullah

Traditional ways of activism are yielding decreasing returns. Yet the need to “do something” has never been greater. I say this ...

Mind Yoga for Your Life
By Nate Loomis

A few years ago, I was fairly active going to yoga and tai chi classes and I loved it when we would practice in the park. There is a definite ...

Three Rare Celestial Events
By Ingrid Kincaid

Super Moon •  Solar Eclipse  •  Spring Equinox On March 20, ...

7 Reasons to Take a Daily Multivitamin
By Duke Johnson

Many physicians and nutritionists remain skeptical about the preventive health benefits of taking a high-quality multivitamin, multimineral, ...

AstroMark: March 15-21, 2015
By Mark Dodich

March 15-21: Monday brings the seventh of seven challenging squares between Uranus and Pluto. Since summer 2012, you have been ...

Ancient Secrets for Wellness
By Alberto Villoldo

Your health span can be equal to your life span. According to Alberto Villoldo, author of One Spirit Medicine: Ancient Ways to Ultimate ...

Winter Snow: The Bitter Practice
By Master Sheng Yen

Some people have to go through suffering before they can really begin to work. Without suffering they cannot get any strength from the ...

Talking Story
By Patricia Koch

"I was beginning to understand what the Hawaiians refer to as "talking story", the art of taking time to share and to listen." ...

Your Eternal Right to Be Free
By Guy Finley

The main reason we suffer or feel bad about ourselves or our current circumstances isn’t because conditions in our lives have ...

Switch On for a Breakthrough
By Vicky Thompson

What inspires creativity? Curiosity, according to Nick Seneca Jankel, author of Switch On: Unleash Your Creativity and Thrive with the ...

Edgar Cayce on Colon Care
By Sandra Duggan

One of Edgar Cayce’s greatest contributions to health education is his teaching that basic health begins with colon health, and that a ...

AstroMark: March 8-14, 2015
By Mark Dodich

March 8-14: The clocks moved forward early on Sunday. Communicate emotions on Sunday as the emotion-based moon is in harmony with ...

Religion vs. Spirituality
By James Van Praagh

Many people ask me about the difference between being religious and being spiritual. I think that difference is significant. Religion is a ...

Aina: Hawaiian Spiritual Warrior
By Lynn Andrews

`Aina is the Hawaiian word for the magical world where the sacred souls of the people meet the majesty of nature. To Hawaiians, the ...

One Simple Action
By Nate Loomis

"The rose that opens in the summer sun glorifies its creator; in its crowning moment it does not care about those who walk by, failing to ...

Being the Miracle of Love
By Hope Ives Mauran

Home is right here, like an arrow pointing “this way,” offering you the means by which you may surrender the difficulties of the human ...

Coconut Oil Pulling Combats Tooth Plaque
By Joseph Mercola

Coconut, especially its oil, is a powerful destroyer of all kinds of microbes, from viruses to bacteria to protozoa, many of which harm human ...

AstroMark: March 1-7, 2015
By Mark Dodich

March has the final challenging square between Uranus and Pluto (seven of seven, which started in summer 2012). It is exact on March 16, but ...

Take the Chotchky Challenge
By Barry A. Dennis

The more junk you continue to tolerate in your life, the more stressed out, irritable and burdened you feel. I call this junk we accumulate ...

Loving Yourself to Great Health
By Louise Hay

Disconnection equals dis-ease. The Blue Zones by Dan Buettner examines the top solutions for living longer and better from some of ...


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Talking Stick

n order to be somewhere new, you have to know where you are and why you want to go.

Featured Stories

Beyond Activism: Transform the World

Traditional ways of activism aren’t working. Yet the need to do something has never been greater. Today we need new actions, powered by the philosophy of inclusivity.

Shariff Abdullah
Shariff Abdullah

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Alternative Health

Caveman Diet

Our prehistoric ancestors were not obese. We struggle against super-sizing, they struggled against famine. We exercise to get rid of food, they exercised to avoid becoming food.

Alisa Singer
Alisa Singer

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Heal Your LifeŽ Workshop Leader Training
Licensed by Hay House, Inc. and approved by Louise Hay

Are you ready to add skills to your existing career or create a new one? Become a licensed workshop leader in the philosophy of Louise ...

Ultimate Wellness Party
Relax and Rejuvenate

Gather your friends for an ultimate wellness party! Relax, rejuvenate and reconnect in a welcoming and warm setting, while Debby Boekeloo ...

Self-Realization Fellowship
Portland Meditation Center

“The more you feel peace in meditation, the closer you are to God...” —Paramahansa Yogananda Each week our ...

Feeling Disorganized?
Get Help Now to Reclaim Your Space and Your Life!

Feeling overwhelmed by your stuff and not sure where to begin? Or have unexpected life circumstances thrown your once-organized life for a ...

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Enter this magical place by the sea …Browse its chambers, finding treasures at every turn …Go on, spoil yourself or find a ...

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