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  • Is Gluten Making You Sick?
  • Placebos and Miracles
  • Spiritual Cooking
  • Dreaming with Polar Bears


Is Gluten Making You Sick?
By Dr. Doni Wilson

The foods you love, like bread and pizza, might actually be making you sick. Gluten is a health villain, causing both physical and mental distress in one in four people.

Can you avoid the vicious cycle of gluten-caused inflammation?


Placebos and Miracles
By Dr. Joe Dispenza

We know about the placebo effect during drug studies, but what does it mean when patients not only imagine feeling better, but they actually change their brain-wave patterns?


Spiritual Cooking
By Yael Eckstein

Cooking three meals a day, day in and day out, can become drudgery. But it’s possible to elevate the act of cooking, creating an opportunity for meditation, self-reflection and spiritual growth.


Dreaming with Polar Bears
By Dawn Baumann Brunke

Your feelings about dreams can be insightful guides, alerting you to deeper meanings and far-reaching perspectives. When a dream frightens you, will you break down with denial and avoidance, or will you break through?


Astrology Forecast November/December

The Uranus-Pluto square heats up, creating a quickening of transformational energies — the death of the old order and the birth of the new. It’s time to align personal desires with your deepest soul mission.

Want more details on your sign? Read Starscope.


Practitioners for Whole Being Wellness


Astrology & Tarot by Mark Dodich - Since 1980

An astrology chart is one of the most important tools for personal growth. Periodic updates help you take maximum advantage of changing ...

Julia Ingram, MA, Master Hypnotherapist
Trauma Resolution, Past-Life Regression, Personal and Spiritual Growth

Hypnotherapy is as much about going within as going back — going to the source of an issue where deep and lasting change is ...

Linda Stirling
Spiritual Healer and Guide, Psychic, Bestselling Author

Making sense of life as well as understanding paths yet to unfold can be confusing, sometimes challenging. That’s where having a ...

The Teachings of the North
Seven-Week Course Begins January 6, 2015

Come learn about the sacred turning of the wheel of life, beginning with the North: the element of air, winter and that point where we ...

Heal Your LifeŽ Workshop Leader Training
Licensed by Hay House, Inc. and approved by Louise Hay

Are you ready to add skills to your existing career or create a new one? Become a licensed workshop leader in the philosophy of Louise ...

The Portland Happiness Center
Your Portland Resource for Happiness!

For a happier life, join us at the Portland Happiness Center for weekly events, workshops, movie nights and more. Together, we’ll ...

Arise School of Healing Arts
Are You Interested in Becoming a Healer, Energy Worker or Lightworker?

We are offering a series of Apprenticeships to guide you to new levels in your work. Level 1: Harmonics of Healing — Becoming ...

Ultimate Wellness Party
Relax and Rejuvenate

Gather your friends for an ultimate wellness party! Relax, rejuvenate and reconnect in a welcoming and warm setting, while Debby Boekeloo ...

Are you seeking to live with less pain and more mobility - enhancing your quality of life?

With thirty years experience, Henry Sloan offers a sound holistic approach facilitating pain cessation and mobility ...

Self-Realization Fellowship
Portland Meditation Center

“The more you feel peace in meditation, the closer you are to God...” —Paramahansa Yogananda Each week our ...

Feeling Disorganized?
Get Help Now to Reclaim Your Space and Your Life!

Feeling overwhelmed by your stuff and not sure where to begin? Or have unexpected life circumstances thrown your once-organized life for a ...

Crystal Wizard Gallery
Crystals, Books & Gifts

Enter this magical place by the sea …Browse its chambers, finding treasures at every turn …Go on, spoil yourself or find a ...

Gurdjieff Foundation of Oregon

“Gurdjieff’s fundamental aim was to help human beings awaken to the meaning of our existence and to the efforts ...

Enlightening Events of the Week

  • November 26 - December 31, ReikiChat with Colleen Benelli

  • December 2, Free Talking Stick Phone Forum

  • Wednesdays, 10am-12pm, Pranic Healing Clinic

  • Wednesdays, 7-9pm, Drumming Circles

  • Mondays, 4-5pm, Drawing the Thread -with VigoLightly-

    at VibrantStudios 1532 SW Jefferson Portland 97201. Mondays 4-5pm. *No class 10/27* >GO
  • November 1 - December 7, Reiki Lifestyle with Colleen Benelli

  • November 1 - December 16, Shamanic Sound Healing with Lauri Shainsky

  • November 1 - December 31, The Summit Lighthouse - Teachings of the Ascended Masters

  • November 7 - December 19, Free Soul Healing Miracles Blessings with Divine Healing Hands

  • November 7 - January 25, First Timers' Weekend



Web exclusives: Fresh insights and ideas


Jump into the Pool of Healing Sound
By Nate Loomis

  Hello, I’m Nate Loomis, this week’s “eyes and ears” at New Renaissance and your resource for all things ...

The Mystery and Magic of Power Animals
By Jan Engels-Smith

  The shamanic journey is filled with mystery and, despite its ancient history, is little understood in Western culture. The journey ...

Choosing Happiness in Difficult Times
By Jan Engels-Smith

  Each summer, I conduct an outside workshop, in a camp situation, on telepathic communication. Set in Tillamook, Oregon, the land we ...

Toltec Wisdom through Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr.
By David Wood

  Hello, I’m David Wood, this week’s “eyes and ears” at New Renaissance and your resource for all things ...

Can Trees Heal You?
By Vicky Thompson

When you look closely at the shape of a tree’s trunk and branches, what do you see? Maybe a gnarled old man’s face hidden in the tree ...

Who Am I?
By Nate Loomis

  Hello, I’m Nate Loomis, this week’s “eyes and ears” at New Renaissance and your resource for all things ...

Three Worlds of Shamanism
By Beth Beurkens, M.A.

  There is a world full of help and healing above you, a world full of unconditional love and guidance below you and gentle wisdom all ...

Trouble Sleeping? Massage Relieves Insomnia and Other Health Conditions
By Kray Kibler

  Getting enough sleep is essential for your well-being, but according to the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), an ...

Journey from Head to Heart
By Sarah O'Leary

  Hello, I’m Sarah O’Leary, this week’s “eyes and ears” at New Renaissance and your resource for all ...

Create and Maintain Healthy Boundaries
By Katherine Boyer, M.A.

  Creating a boundary is a way of telling someone what your likes and dislikes are, what you believe in, or even how close physically ...

Traffic and the Crows
By Nate Loomis

  Hello, I’m Nate Loomis, this week’s “eyes and ears” at New Renaissance and your resource for all things ...

Friendships: Expansion vs. Rigidity
By Julia Ingram

  “I’m outgrowing my friends.” As a therapist, I’ve heard that statement quite often, and it is uttered ...

Tune in to Your Wild Creative
By Sarah O'Leary

  Hello, I’m Sarah O’Leary, this week’s “eyes and ears” at New Renaissance and your resource for all ...

Rumi: Tandem Creation
By Coleman Barks

What are the qualities of a deepening awareness? To some it feels right to call that the friend. For others, it is more like a ...

Sowing the Seeds of Love
By Lawrence Hoppis

  Sowing the Seeds of Love — Malawi was started in August 2013 on Facebook by Angela Anchoris Jonas from Canada, Denver Davis ...

When Technology and Spirituality Meet
By Patricia Koch

  Hello, I’m Patricia Koch, this week’s “eyes and ears” at New Renaissance and your resource for all things ...

Becoming Your Joyful Self
By Vicky Thompson

You have the ability to change your life and live in joy. That is your natural birthright, according to Jan Engels-Smith, author of ...

Awaken the Peace: Insights from Paramahansa Yogananda
By Paola Di Florio

  Peace is that underrated quality, the one we sometimes don’t realize we’re living without. Given the myriad distractions ...

Heal Yourself, Heal the World
By Nate Loomis

  Hello, I’m Nate Loomis, this week’s “eyes and ears” at New Renaissance and your resource for all things ...

The Legitimacy of Healing - Doctors Need Only Apply?
By Dianna Bensch

  Think about a world where health care has no adverse side effects. Where you experience no pain during or after your health-care ...

Healing Vicarious Trauma with Writing and Meditation
By Melissa Grace Hoon, M.A.

  The most effective and quick way to heal is by changing our consciousness. Consciousness is our awareness and perception of ...

Moving From Stuck to Flow
By Sarah O'Leary

  Hello, I’m Sarah O’Leary, this week’s “eyes and ears” at New Renaissance and your resource for all ...

The Reiki Blessing Ceremony
By Colleen Benelli

  I use the Reiki blessing ceremony for many occasions: birthdays, rites of passage, and weddings. This ceremony is very dear ...

The Art of Folding Laundry
By Katherine Boyer, M.A.

  Folding laundry is an art form, and I had no idea about the truth of that until I went to visit our oldest daughter one evening. ...

Writing to Heal + Meditation FAQs
By Melissa Grace Hoon, M.A.

  What is expressive writing and meditation? What do they have to do with healing? And how does all this connect with consciousness? ...


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